Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15th

Today is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day.
Every year I work hard through my organization I Am A Mother To An Angel
to spread a lot of awareness on all forms of loss whether it be pregnancy, infant, or child loss.
I also try to do special things for other grieving mothers to remember their angels.

This year the day has a double meaning, because on this day last year things changed.
Today is also the 1 year Anniversary of my niece Scarlette's death, her 1st Angelversary.

 Last year as I prepared for October 15th for months in advance I could have never dreamed that I'd be losing my precious niece on that day. She was born on September 16th just 2 days before my 23rd birthday and she came on September 18th on my birthday. Her death was rules as SIDS with no known cause. She died at just 1 day shy of 1 month old. I loved her and cared for her as much as my own children... so when she died a big part of me died too.

This October I've given away over 500 keepsake items at I Am A Mother To An Angel as a way to do something in honor of her and also of the day of awareness. I was also able to get SIDS Awareness wristbands made that say "In memory of Scarlette" on the inside.

 Some days things seem so surreal. 

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