Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Day 6 of 30 Days of Being Thankful

Today I'm thankful that the United States Presidential Election is OVER
I don't care who wins, didn't have time to vote,
AND I am sick of everyone arguing over it.

(Personally, I think Ron Paul is the man. Or Batman. Just sayin'.)

I posted this on Facebook today as a status update on my personal page:

"I sit and watch my friends raving and ranting over the candidates.
Slamming one over the other.
Posting rants, insults, hate, and surely raising their blood pressure.
Arguing with people that are suppose to be their friends
and picking fights on friends pages.
I've even had friends try to bring me into political debates.
I just want to say set better examples for your children.
Stop spewing so much hate. Stop fighting with each other.
Independent thinking is what makes us unique and special.
As for me, I'm trying to keep a sweet baby girl baking until her due date
so fighting over which candidate is better isn't on my agenda.
Have a blessed day!"

I was shocked to see that,
not only did nobody bash me as expected,
a lot of people reposted my status update
(although they took out my line about Lily).

I guess I got my point across. :)

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