Sunday, November 04, 2012

Panic Attack Insomniac

can't sleep
For in the dark I panic
Fear consuming my soul
And I can't stand it

I sit up and scream
A silent sound nobody hears
Trembling in vain
To the same dream I've had for years

Too much loss
In too short of a life
It stabs at me
Like a dull edged knife

I have thoughts and dreams
About things nobody knows
Like where do we really go
When it's the end of our show

My heart races
At a pace much too fast
I sit here wondering
How much longer can this last

Memories fill my head
So many things I'd like to change
If I could just go back in time
Choosing with things to rearrange

Being grateful for what I have
Never replaces what I've lost
Your death was inescapable
I'm still dealing with its cost

Grief knows no boundaries
In the silence I will weep
As the darkness surrounds me
And everyone else is fast asleep

Copyright Kerin Lee 2012, All Rights Reserved
Please do not use without my written permission.

(Vigil from October 15th)

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