Sunday, June 30, 2013

When Praying Fails

Gary and I will be missing church tonight and won't get to see Chey's solo...
Something is wrong with Lily and we are going to have to find a way to take her to the hospital. For the past 3 days she has been screaming almost nonstop while awake and refusing to eat much. You can tell that she is in pain and it breaks my heart. Please Lord protect our rainbow baby and help us find a way to take her to the hospital to be seen. This is why we need a working car. :(

I'm missing that constant smile.

We keep praying for things to get better but it seems like almost everyday something else happens. To add salt to the wound I get attacked from people who claim I'm just making it all up. If only! It's been nonstop hardship after hardship for months now. Please Lord we deserve a break! I've been told God is testing my Faith. I have Faith. If you are going to test me that's fine but why torture my children?

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