Monday, July 01, 2013

I Heard Angels Singing

Soooo, the ER went quick and easy will Lily. Much to my extreme disappointment she has lost weight. I seriously cried because I have been working so hard to fatten her up and make sure that she is a nice healthy weight since she is borderline for being in the risk zone weight wise. She had to have xrays of her abdomen to make sure there wasn't an underlying problem that we couldn't see.

Needless to say she didn't really love being held down. Thankfully it showed no internal problems! The doctors concluded that they think Lily is just constipated even though a rectal exam didn't show that she had any blockage and that the stool was nice and soft instead of firm (like it should be). They ended up discharging her and telling us just to get some over the counter suppositories (poor baby), but so far she is still screaming constantly like she is in pain. I had someone tell me condescendingly that babies cry. Lily is my 4th child and our 7th child overall. We know that babies cry! The issue is when a normally happy baby who hardly ever cries changes overnight. I also know the different from a pain cry and any other cry. A pain cry is so much different from other baby cries. Anyway, we are praying that she gets back to normal soon. We will be following up with her pediatrician if she does not improve to see what further steps we can take. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that they didn't find anything life threatening or anything majorly wrong, but when your baby spends the entire night screaming in pain and the following morning doing the same, refusing to eat, and no matter what you do you simply cannot console her... it's a scary place. Especially after going through loss.

Since the hospital was speedy in getting Lily back and then discharging her, we were able to still make it to church after all. As a bonus my niece Grace was there and I got in some extra cuddles, kisses, and hugs before she was taken away to the nursery. The choir did an AMAZING job and I cried during Chey's solo (not that that is surprising) so I am glad it worked out for us to go!

I found my peace listening to these Earth angels singing!
bottow row far left is oldest step-daughter Cheyenne, bottom row far right is my MIL Sue, and top row far right is my step-son Michael. So so proud of them! They did amazing!

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